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My name is Ashley, 29 years old from Manchester: I am bisexual too, so women/couples are welcome to get in touch too. Just get into the car and drive somewhere. I want it from a man - Sex on clean sheets that he just finished washing. Some girls say they do, but never can. I am 24 yrs single girl.

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DESCRIPTION: All About Mischa's Big Butt!

Vasiliy App: Greek girl, I loved her!

Llewylnmoss: Here how I know that I am NOT dating a Mexican woman.

Lifepsycho123: That was great.

Booper Dooper: I loved the Rammstein reference!

Nina Cooper: She won't assume you will pay on the date, this is so disrespectful, you basically are saying we're a mantenida

Mei Chu: Danish women are a waste of time! Trust me on this one!

Vinyl Tap: Izumi is so fucking funny XDDDD



Naresh Kumar: Puta el chileno qlo penca q le ponen

Selma Flindt: Polish and russian are not native speakers

To Eddie: This video was 150 true. But missed an important thing. You never EVER win an argument with a Greek woman.

Sisbrawny: He looks like ed milliband

Tilly McMahon: Australian BOGAN. Most Aussie guys will try to AVOID this failed abortion. This is a pretty bad stereotype by the way.

Willy Dafoe: Soo. In short, the attributes that most of the group found physically attractive were varied; save for the Russian participants who were equally partial to porn stars.

Ella Bella: Tanto per portare avanti gli steriotipi su di noi italiani LOL

Romi Ballagan: No Colombian accent?

As Gamas: I get complimented a lot on both my accents English and spanish by both English speaking women and Spanish speaking women. My accent in spanish is very neutral btw,

Lelepudim: Filipino girls

Leonidas Br: YASS! The physical contact thing is so true and being blunt till a certain degree too

Felicia A: So relatable! Omg!

Black Sheep: I'm french, and it kinda works for a girl too. My American boyfriend know how important food and wine is for me, hahahaha.

Artsy Que: The question is : Aren't you supposed to know who you're dating first ?

L O R E N A: Do Russian girls want to date Asian guys?

Andi Tips: I am portuguese and I must confess that brazilian portuguese is sexier (ok brazilians, you have to recognize what we gave you lol). However, portuguese from Portugal is more serious and that can be useful to impose some respect in any conversation specially when it refers to work

Chi Wong: Guapisimas Marina y Manuela!

Nitin Prasad: This video sucks.they are totally missing the PERUVIAN Spanish, is considered to be one of the best ones after Spain, because their clarity and intonation. They speak very clear plus no singing sounds like Chileans or Dominicans

Neko Kuroki: PFHAHAHAHA sooo true xD ! Kinda ! Mostly yea xD !

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I had no special sex ed class, but we had a pretty thorough sex-ed themed semester in biology when I was about 13.

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Now i'm curious about it :v

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